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Avtex, Why compromise

Avtex televisions are specifically designed for the outdoor leisure market so whether you're traveling camping or caravanning you can enjoy state-of-the-art picture and sound whether you're viewing a movie binging a DVD boxset or watching the big game every Avtex television has stunning picture quality and superior sound, a built-in DVD and CD player TV soundbar and Bluetooth speaker system, OneTouch digital and satellite tuning 12, 24 and 240 volt compatibility ultra wide viewing angles and the flexibility to record one channel whilst watching another wherever your journey takes you take Avtex with you.

Avtex Televisions

Avtex televisions are designed from conception for the outdoor leisure industry, specified to operate on 12/24v DC as well as mains AC voltage.The highest specifications are implemented for all Avtex products to incorporate all the very latest technology whilst always ensuring simple uncomplicated operation to the end user.





The Guide To Your Perfect Entertainment System

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The 6 step guide to your perfect entertainment system;

1. Choosing the model of the TV.

We at Aim Outdoors understand that the many different options available in the Avtex range can be daunting, especially for new time buyers. Different models offer different features.

Consider Recording…

All Avtex TV's offer the option to record to an external USB stick or a HDD (not included). This can be an instant record or a timer record that can be set from the EPG (electronic programme guide).

However, if you want the ability to record one channel whilst viewing another you may want to consider the new Avtex PRO range which gives you the flexibility to record one side whilst watching another on both terestrial TV or satellite TV. You can even record a TV programme whilst watching a DVD.

Consider Viewing Options…

All Avtex TV's offer HD terrestrial TV (DVB-T2) as well as free to air HD satellite TV (DVB-S2) with
reloaded channel list for your convenience. All models to 16" to 27" also incorporate a DVD/CD player.



2. Consider connectivity.

3. Establish the size of the TV required.

Look at where you intend on placing the TV and where you intend to sit and watch it. We recommend
for our customers to measure the location where the TV would likely be placed.

Perhaps if you were considering purchasing a TV-DVD combination model, make sure there is enough
room on the side for you to insert a DVD or CD.

4. Establish its placement.

 All Avtex TV's are wall mountable we offer a wide range of mountain brackets for every application
from under cabinet fold away options to tripple arm lockable solutions. ALL brackets are available
on our website under ‘accessories’ with a detailed description of their features.

When choosing a bracket it is important to consider the dimensions of the of the TV screens, along
with its weight. This is listed in both TV and Bracket description information on our website.

5. Enhance your Audio Experience.

The Avtex SB195BT mini soundbar is the ideal companion for your Avtex TV. It’s four speaker drive
system provides rich, crisp sound from your TV. It also can be used as a multipurpose stand-alone
bluetooth speaker, connecting to your phone, tablet or laptop via bluetooth.


6. Care for your purchase.

Once you have decided and purchased your ideal TV, it is important to keep it safe and secure
once it’s time to pack away. We offer a wide range of cases specially designed to accommodate
your Avtex TV.

Features Explained: Satellite Navigation

Features Explained: Satellite Navigation.


Vehicle Profile:  Vehicle Profile Routing

The Avtex Tourer Two is designed to simplify navigation with motorhomes, caravans and towing vehicles. It comes
preloaded with detailed maps of Europe, including information on road restrictions, such as bridge heights and speed
limits, and related data for most major roads and motorways. Just input the specs of your motorhome or caravan,
then Camper 660 Premium and Tourer Two will use your entered profile¹ to find the most efficient route across Europe.
Your route will be determined based on the height, weight, length and width of your vehicle.





Where to?

Simply touch the screen to select the wanted destination. The Avtex Tourer Two has an EXCLUSIVE features the
Caravan Clubs rich  data bases allowing you to view detailed information including photo's of Caravan Club Sites
through out the UK and Europe. Loaded with ACSI’s Campsite Directory. This comprehensive listing of sites even
contains information about price range, hours of service, and more. Campsite Directories lets you search by
preferred amenities — such as pet-friendly, on-site shops, electric hookups — so you can easily find what you
want, away from home.

Search caravan site by amenities

The Avtex Tourer Two will allow you to search and filter the amenities and facilities to assist you in selecting the
most appropriate site for your stay.






Caravan and Motorhome Navigation

Contains all the official Caravan Club sites, also a comprehensive database of thousands other caravan and
motorhomes sites throughout the UK and Europe, simply select the required Caravan Club Site by filtering the
preferred amenities and press Go! Simply.




7" Edge to Edge Display (Tourer Two) 

7" edge to edge display on the Tourer Two.






Live Digital Traffic Updates    

Live traffic updates continuously updating your unit alerting you to the traffic ahead on your route, offering you
alternative routes when appropriate.

Active Lane Guidance     

Active Lane Guidance helps you stay on top of your route so you can ensure you're in the correct lane with plenty of
time to spare, avoiding potentially dangerous last-minute manoeuvres.






Hands-Free Features  

Sync a compatible Bluetooth®-enabled device, such as your smartphone. The Avtex Tourer Two is for hands-free calling
through its integrated microphone and speaker. Safely stow your phone in a glove compartment, pocket or bag and still
make and take calls.






Voice Command      

The Avtex Tourer Two offers the convenience of voice-activated navigation. Speak and your device responds to your
commands. Your hands can remain on the wheel. Of course, you can also navigate using the touchscreen interface.






Elevation Profile     

The Avtex Tourer Two features a handy map tool that allows you to view upcoming elevation information pertaining to your
route — all while viewing your map navigation screen. You can even tap on the elevation information to expand the elevation
profile view and see your current and upcoming elevation in greater detail. Viewing this information helps prepare you for
possible steep gradients along your route.




Wi-Fi Compatible (Tourer Two)

Update  Software and Maps on the Avtex Tourer using Wi-Fi.

Why Avtex

Why Avtex.


Genuine Leisure market TV’s are built to a much higher specification than a domestic TV and with
Leisure market specific features making them suitable for the application and environment they are
used in, however we see many companies not fully understanding these differences and taking a
domestic TV and adding a 12volt lead and trying to pass it off as a Leisure specific TV. Many domestic
market TV’s operate from an external 12V power pack similar to that you would find with a Laptop,
these TV’s are designed to operate on a continuous 12v supplied by the mains (230v) power pack
and NOT from a continuously fluctuating voltage from a discharging leisure battery.

The leisure battery may start off fully charge at 12.8volts but depending on usage will discharge all
the way down to flat, however when the voltage drops the current increases, this is when it can
potentially be dangerous. At best the TV will flicker on and off once the battery voltage is insufficient
to power the TV however this flickering on and off will cause premature failure of the LED screen,
another common occurrence is the heating up and sometimes melting of the DC power supply lead
and in a few cases even worse?

ALL Avtex TV’s incorporate intelligent power supply circuitry the function of this is to monitor the
supply voltage and current level from the leisure battery and if necessary provide an on-screen
warning by way of a message to inform the user that the battery voltage is too low and that the TV is
soon to power down if the battery voltage reduces further. Once the battery voltage is passed this
critical point the TV will power down in a controlled and safe manor so as not to cause any
component stress or failure.

Avtex TV’s are designed from conception for the leisure industry.

Designed for your mobile Life.

Avtex PRO Series

Avtex PRO Series.

Amongst the many features of Avtex TV’s is the ability to record to an external USB stick or an
external HDD, this can be done either by an instant record or even by a scheduled recording from
the EPG (TV GUIDE) a list of recordings can be viewed on screen then be played back at the user’s
leisure. However, Avtex have taken this feature one step further! Avtex Pro series can not only
record a TV programme on either platform Terrestrial TV (DVB-T/2) or on Satellite (DVB-S2) but they
can also allow the user to watch one channel and record another on either platform or even watch a
DVD whilst recording a TV programme.
Avtex TV’s are designed from conception for the leisure industry.


Introducing the new Avtex PRO Series. Whether you've
been contemplating buying an Avtex product or are a
frequent customer, the PRO Series will exceed all
expectations. The new aesthetic, slick design that consists
of an aluminium strip on the bottom of the 9 Series-PRO
TV/DVD to match the removable stand is pleasing on the
eye, not to forget the new slim bezels. The new features
such as being able to watch one programme and record
another at the same time adds to the many advantages
the new Avtex 9 Series PRO consists of.




Having an auto tuner built into the television not only saves time
and stress, but help simplify your experience with the product,
another leading feature within the Avtex Series 9 PRO. Through
years of innovation, not only will the TV record other programmes
whilst you watch another but it will auto tune the TV for you,
wherever, whenever. We're not finished yet - you can even record
programmes whilst watching a DVD! The auto tuner can
successfully work across all tuners, leaving you spoilt for choice
when watching a programme on freeview whilst recording another
on a satellite channel for example.



Although the Avtex Audio mini Sound-Bar is not apart of the
Avtex PRO series it is a must have companion to your Avtex
(connection bracket for 8 and 9 series TV supplied
other brackets available) or as a stand-alone
Bluetooth speaker.
Connect via Bluetooth and enjoy wireless music from
your Bluetooth phone or devices. Designed to operate
on a 12/24V DC battery and mains voltage means this
unit is perfect for use in your caravan, motorhome or
boat as well as your home. You will be amazed at the
exceptional performance from such a compact unit.
Admire the design DNA that influences the new Avtex
Audio mini Sound-Bar.



The SB195BT comes complete with a bracket so it can
be attached to the latest Avtex TV’s for wall mounting,
simply remove the TV stand (as it is not required when
wall mounting) and use the same two holes that the
stand uses to attach the bracket and Sound-Bar.
Simple. For other makes of TV or older Avtex models
consult your retailer regarding a mounting solution.